Posted 25/08/2016 : By: Scott Aldridge

IT Account Manager Celebrates 30th Birthday at Netmatters!

Happy 30th Birthday to Daniel Clark from all at Netmatters. After joining in November 2014, Daniel has become a core member in the Business Development team as our leading IT Account Manager.

Daniel has been with Netmatters for almost 2 years now and during this time he has gone on to achieve great things, his personal favourite being his Most Notable of Notable employees award. Displaying his incredible dedication, amazing work ethics and hardworking ethos, his approach to manage customer satisfaction is second to none, keep it up Dan!

Reaching a milestone whether it is a birthday, anniversary or achievement is something that we like to shout about. Showing appreciation to our employees is extremely important to us and a value that we hold of high importance.

We provide many job roles and opportunities throughout the company and as we continue to grow we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.

Daniel Celebrates his 30th Birthday with Netmatters!

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