Hosted Exchange Emails

A secure, fully backed-up Cloud-based Microsoft Exchange mailbox, with 50GB of storage as standard, which allows users to synchronise and access email “on the go” from devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Send or delete an email from any device and the changes are synchronised across all your other connected devices. In short a fully integrated system that allows you to stay in touch seamlessly.

Managers can be granted access rights to colleague’s mailboxes and contacts and calendars can be shared between staff, enabling appointments to be made directly into another’s diary. 


  • Cost effective –no hardware investment or ongoing maintenance/ upgrade costs
  • Business continuity – stay in the loop as emails, calendar, tasks and notes are synchronised across all connected devices and PCs
  • Secure and fully redundant – securely encrypted and triple-hosted for complete redundant (includes three layers of failsafe)
  • No Spam - protected by award-winning Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus software as standard


  • Lots of storage – 50GB of space per mailbox
  • Automatic synchronisation – emails, contacts, calendar and tasks will be automatically synchronised between devices
  • Outlook Web Access – access your email from any computer connected to the internet in seconds through Outlook Web Access

Hosted Exchange Emails

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