What is the Disaster Recovery Suite?

Our Disaster Recovery Suite (DRS) is part of our wider  Disaster Recovery (DR) service, and is fully provisioned for use by businesses which are not able to operate from their own premises as a result of a disaster or other majorly disruptive unforeseen circumstances.

Most businesses will already have a disaster recovery plan in place, but implementing this will often involve the need to source new equipment, reinstall software applications, re-establish network and Internet connectivity and restore data from back-up archives, all of which would take time and have a direct impact on business productivity.

Our Disaster Recovery Suite is specifically designed to help you keep the most critical aspects of your business operational while the above work takes place, minimising disruption and ensuring business continuity is maintained.

Disaster Recovery Suite

When would you use our DRS?

  • In the event of Flood / Fire / Burglary
  • Relocation of premises
  • Unsuitable working conditions
  • Loss of utilities
  • Loss of Internet
  • Forced evacuation

What facilities are available in the DRS?

  • Dedicated, private-access entrance with own keys
  • 20 fully equipped workstations with high spec PCs
  • High speed Internet & Printer/Scanner/Copier facilities
  • Telephone system with Direct Dials
  • A fully equipped kitchen & bathroom facilities
  • Fully air conditioned

Our Additional Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Audit & Strategy:
Detailed DR action plan based on the requirements of your individual business.

Disaster Recovery Testing:
Regular quarterly DRS tests to ensure your plan is fully functional and fit for purpose.

Secure Data Hosting:
Secure storage of data to be accessed directly from the DRS.

Disaster Recovery Case Studies


The company were able to keep their business operational, despite total internet outage at their HQ.