Data Backup

Backup of all your data to a secure offsite storage server. In the event of a disaster that your data will be safe, secure and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

The software is installed and supported by our technical team. The storage is charged per GB (compressed) with a minimum charge of £25 per month. The Free trial can be used to determine the exact amount of compressed data to be backed up.


  • Automatic – scheduled every day at the end (changes only are updated)
  • Secure
  • Backup multiple machines (software individual machines backed)
  • Monitored – malfunction avoidance
  • Easy to recover – user led or consultant led (recovery available within minutes *connection dependent)
  • No Hardware
  • Quick Setup – 20 minutes to install software
  • Recover a single file or multiples
  • Encrypted locally to military grade standards
  • Unlimited data storage available or “smaller storage options available”
  • Recover deleted files

Data Backup Services in Norwich, Norfolk

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